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School's Discipline


Students should follow the discipline of the school. The school lays emphasis on discipline and expect that the students of the school shall abide by therules and regulations strictly.

Normally students are expected to follow the following rules :


1. Students are required to reach in time, dressed in proper uniform.

2. They should behave politely with the younger students and show respect to every staff member of the school. They are not supposed
to disturb other classes while sitting in their class rooms.

3. Students are not allowed to come on motor vehicles or by-cycles inside the school premises. The school does not maintain any cycle stand  and will
not be responsible if any Motorbike/Cycle is misplaced from outside the school.

4. No student is expected to act in a manner which effect the image of the school and is expected to behave in the same way while he is outside the school.

5. Students are expected to maintain high percentage of attendance but not below 90% during the year.

6. In case of leave, proper application duly signed by the parent's well in advance and in case of medical leave, proper medical certificate has to be submitted on the very next day.

7. No student is allowed to miss the class without permission and in case he is found, strict action will betaken against him.

8. If any of the parents want to withdraw their ward from the school, one month fee has to be deposited.

9. In case the student remain absent continuously for 7 days without permission of the school, his name will be struck off from rolls.

10. Students are expected to remain peaceful and maintain discipline. In case of any injury while in school either while playing or otherwise the school will provide first aid and intimate the parents.

 11. If any hospitalisation is required parents will take care of. The school will not be responsible for any such incident / injury. which takes place during the school hours.